Editorial Hair for Bridal Workshop in Florence, Venice and Rome, Italy

I had an amazing time traveling to Italy with Shannon . What a fantastic oppurtunity to work with Yervant again, but this time in Italy.  I styled  hair on 10 models in only 3 hours and it was quite a task but "mission accomplished!"  As a KevinMurphy educator, I used  techniques I have learned to create these beautiful looks you see here. All Kevin Murphy products were used on this shoot. The workshop was videotaped and I look forward to sharing with you the "behind the scenes" of this wonderful opportunity. Venice-and-Florence-Bridal-ShootVenice-NightsBridal-Shoot-Venice-and-SienaVenice-and-Rome-Bridal-Fashion-7Venice-and-Rome-Bridal-ShootRome-and-Venice-Bridal-Shoot-2

Audrey Hepburn Styled Demure Up-Do

I had a wonderful time with this gorgeous bride! She knew exactly what she wanted for her look and I loved that she had a bang! Often you don't see brides wear a bang so this was refreshing for me. It made it easy for Shannon to capture her look with her beautiful features!  Tiffany & Co. was the theme for this wedding and I think this look was perfect. Kevin Murphy's anti-gravity, bodybuilder and "new' shimmer shine completed this demure up-do. Very Audrey Hepburn, wouldn't you say?

Cover Feature ~ Beauty Solutions Magazine

So thrilled to be featured on the July/August 2013 Cover of Beauty Solutions Magazine!

From Beauty Solutions Magazine ~ About the Cover Photo

Beauty Solutions News - CA, NV and AZ
In designing his 2013 collection, Kevin Murphy was inspired by short, compact silhouettes that compliment the changing trends
in hair and fashion. Geometric shapes, strong angles, and cropped lengths will replace the flowing styles we’ve seen in seasons
To achieve such a style, KEVIN.MURPHY KEY Educator, Tiffany Concklin of Hair by Tiffany Concklin Salon in Sacramento,
CA, blow-dried her model’s hair smooth with YOUNG.AGAIN and BODY.BUILDER. UN.DRESSED gave subtle separation and
definition while WHITE.BUG took Tiffany’s model from blonde to platinum instantly.
Tiffany says her collaboration with Photographer Shannon Stellmacher has been an inspiration and has led to many exciting and
rewarding projects. Many of those projects are hilighted on Tiffany’s website, which we’ve visited over and over.
About our cover photo:
We think you’ll enjoy Tiffany’s website and blog too.
Go to: www.tiffanyconcklin.com

Platinum Vintage Bridal Faux Bob

Beautiful BrideIt was inspiring to do this platinum bridal hair with a vintage vibe for this recent shoot.  I used Kevin Murphy products anti-gravity, powder puff, session spray and the "Stitch Me Up" technique to create this faux bob. I also gave her color a brighter look with KM White Color Bug. White color bug is a hair color for blondes who want to brighten their highlights temporarily. The faux bob is a great alternative when you don't want to cut your beautiful long hair but you're tired of seeing the same traditional bridal looks and want something a bit more glamourous.  Amazing photography and makeup by Shannon Stellmacher.

High Fashion Urban Hair using Color Bug

We had a great time with newcomer Jessica on this urban fashion shoot!  I created a razored bob with lots of texture and got great results using Kevin Murphy  volumizing mousse and session spray. I also love changing a hair color temporarily using color bug. It gives a high fashion change that shampoos out so there is no commitment!  Gorgeous Makeup and Photography by Shannon Stellmacher


 White color bug used on this light lavender, a fun way to get high fashion hair color without the commitment!!


               Gorgeous platium graduated bob using volumizing mousse, easy rider and session spray. I used white color bug to make her hair color pop!


I had to work fast to create this faux bob with the stitch-me-up technique!  

I wish I didn't have to use a ladder but after those heels..........

Styling by Shannon Stellmacher and Tiffany Concklin

Assisting Stylist Faith Rothlisberger

Napa Valley Bridal Hair and Makeup

I had a wonderful time working with Joni at her gorgeous Napa Wedding.  Joni wanted a retro yet classic hair and makeup look for her wedding day.  I wanted her hair to last all day, so I used a stitching technique as opposed to hundreds of bobby pins.  This is much more comfortable for the bride, and looks great in photos!!  I used Kevin Murphy's Anti Gravity Lotion and Body Builder Volumizing Mousse to prep the hair.  After setting and styling I used Keven Murphy's Session Spray to finish off the look!  We played up Joni's gorgeous blue eyes with black liner and neutral shadow.  We added some drama to this retro look with matte red lipstick on her lips.


Here's the finished look!  Photographed by Shannon Stellmacher


San Francisco + Napa Valley Wedding

 I had so much fun offering hair and make up services for this beautiful bride. Here are a few bridal couture shots from a recent San Francisco City Hall wedding, with a photo session that spanded from the Clift Hotel, to City Hall and the Napa Valley. What an amazing day with a wonderful couple and gorgeous photography by Shannon Stellmacher Photography

city hall sf wedding 4 web
city hall sf wedding 4 web
image 2
image 2
image 1
image 1

Hair and Makeup for the Professional Photographers of the Sacramento Valley (PPSV)

I was very excited to be asked to do the hair and make-up for a monthly meeting for the Professional Photographers of the Sacramento Valley!  They were focusing on Pin-Up style and something called "Cheesecake."   I spent several hours researching the looks and this is what I came up with.  What a Blast!!!   Thank you to Michael Hazlip for the opportunity and Shannon Stellmacher Photography for the great images.

Corfu Greece Photography Workshop with Yervant

corfu greece couture 2web
corfu greece couture 2web

I had such an amazing time accompanying wedding photographer Shannon Stellmacher to a workshop in Greece.   I was thrilled to  be a part of the experience!  It was so much fun working with the models and styling the hair for the photographers!  Here are a few photos courtesy of  Shannon Stellmacher Photography.

corfu greece beach web 1
corfu greece beach web 1
corfu greece behind the scenes
corfu greece behind the scenes
corfu greece editorial web
corfu greece editorial web
corfu greece couture web 9
corfu greece couture web 9