We had a great time with newcomer Jessica on this urban fashion shoot!  I created a razored bob with lots of texture and got great results using Kevin Murphy  volumizing mousse and session spray. I also love changing a hair color temporarily using color bug. It gives a high fashion change that shampoos out so there is no commitment!  Gorgeous Makeup and Photography by Shannon Stellmacher


 White color bug used on this light lavender, a fun way to get high fashion hair color without the commitment!!


               Gorgeous platium graduated bob using volumizing mousse, easy rider and session spray. I used white color bug to make her hair color pop!


I had to work fast to create this faux bob with the stitch-me-up technique!  

I wish I didn't have to use a ladder but after those heels..........

Styling by Shannon Stellmacher and Tiffany Concklin

Assisting Stylist Faith Rothlisberger